Discouraging Online Gambling

Discouraging Online Gambling

In 2014 a casino magnate lobbied to make online gambling illegal everywhere. A bill was introduced that would prevent the circumventing of a loophole in federal law when it comes to online gambling. This would effectively shut down the online casinos that had recently been launched in states such as New Jersey. The casino magnate lobbying against online casinos, Mr. Adelson, feels that they have a negative effect on both land based casinos and gamblers alike.

The American Gaming Association was threatened by Mr. Adelson’s lobbying because he said that he would remove himself as a member of the association if the AGA continued to allow and encourage the presence of online casinos.

Mr. Adelson then funded the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. Members of the coalition included George Pataki, the former NYC governor that oversaw the expansion of online horse racing sites people could place bets on.

In response to the creation of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, many casinos as well as companies running online poker sites formed the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection. Their goal was to stop the presence of illegal online gambling sites by making them legal. The coalition argued that banning online gambling violates the rights of each state in the union.

One of the issues surrounding online gambling is the money that it costs people. According to estimates by Morgan Stanley, in the year 2020 online gambling could have a net worth of as much as $8 billion yearly.

The Wire Act is a longstanding federal law banning online gambling. This law was challenged in 2011 when the Justice Department declared that individual states should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not online gambling should be legal. If Mr. Adelson’s efforts pay off The Wire Act stays intact and keeps online gambling illegal on a federal level. The ban against online gambling is not being applied to horse racing in Kentucky, because much of the state’s revenue comes from its residents betting on the outcome of races.

Though it may seem counterproductive, two of the biggest land based casino owners in the country are supporting online gambling. Both MGM Resorts International and Caesar’s Entertainment have stated that they are hoping the presence of their online casinos will attract younger gamblers to their land based casinos as well.

However, smaller casino companies are still fighting the idea of online gambling because it is hurting their bottom line. MGM and Caesars are able to support online gambling because people are more likely to visit their casinos than lone land based casinos located in deserted areas.

In stark contrast, Steve Wynn has sided with Mr. Adelson on the issue because he feels online gambling will give offline gambling a bad name.

Others that are supporting online gambling are the software companies that provide the games for online casinos. Online poker companies are also encouraging online gambling throughout the country.

The debate continues between discouraging and promoting online gambling sites.

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Comparing Online Slots To Offline Slots

Comparing Online Slots To Offline Slots

Slot machine can be found at both online casinos and offline casinos. Many players’, who are serious about winning money, have switched from playing slots offline to playing them online. The reason for this is that offline casinos cost much more to operate, so they can’t pay out winnings as often as online casinos can. This leads to slot machines in offline casinos having a lower percentage payout than slot machines at online casinos.

Players are more likely to win progressive jackpot slot machine games online for this reason. When a player wins a progressive jackpot slot machine at an offline casino they receive their winnings in a series of payments. Yet when they win a progressive jackpot slot machine at an online casino, players get the full amount of their winnings all at once.

Comp points can generally be earned by playing slot machines, whether it is at an online casino or an offline casino. The only difference is the way comp points are accumulated. Offline casinos tend to reward comp points to players quicker than online casinos do. This is because those points can be often be redeemed at offline casinos for things such as food and drink, or other entertainment throughout the casino. The majority of online casinos allow slot machine players to trade in their comp points for cash, but sometimes prizes are given too. It takes much longer to earn enough comp points to redeem then when dealing with an online casino as opposed to one that is offline. Most online casinos will require players to gamble at least $100 on any slot machine game before earning one comp point. For this reason many slot machine players trust offline casinos more than online casinos.

In general online video slots are more advanced than offline video slots. While offline casinos usually have a limited number of video slot machines online casinos tend to have a lot more. Many online casinos have even begun to offer 3D slot machines, which are not something found at most land based casinos. It is not unusual for an online casino to offer hundreds of different slot machine games.

Adding new slot machine games is much easier at an online casino than it is at an offline casino, which is beneficial to players who want to enjoy their favorite slot machine games from home. Online casinos will often run promotions for a new slot machine game which is something offline casinos don’t tend to do.

There are many benefits to playing slot machines at home by accessing an online casino. Yet there are still players that prefer the experience and offline casino provides them with.

Because slot machines have become so popular online some gambling sites have been created just to highlight slot machine games. Many of these games can be played for free, which is another way that slot machines at online casinos are different than slot machines found at any land based casino.

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Benefits of Gambling Online

Benefits of Gambling Online

Online gambling has become a popular activity among people all over the world. Though many see it as a gateway to a gambling addiction there are several benefits to gambling online. These benefits help explain why it has become such a popular pastime.

While online casinos were created to benefit those who play them they are also being created in states that need to raise their tax revenue. Online casinos have become one popular may for states to increase the amount of money they have available to them, which also benefits people who don’t participate in online gambling. Often the money states raise from their online casinos goes to support local healthcare programs and education, two areas that are suffering from a lack of funds in many states.

While state governments benefit from the revenue created by online casinos so does the federal government. Many federal programs are suffering from budget cuts and the revenues from online casinos can help to eliminate those cuts.

As a result of recessions in the past many online casino operators had to scale back or even go out of business. The revenue from online casinos helped put somewhat of a dent into the recession.

Those who can gamble responsibly have found that online casinos are more desirable than offline casinos for many reasons. Since gamblers don’t have to spend money on gas and possibly hotel accommodations just to have access to their favorite casino games they have a bigger budget to play with thanks to online casinos.

When gamblers stay home and access casino games online they never have to worry about leaving a land based casino with a significant amount of money on them. This has cut down on instances of robberies and encouraged gamblers to turn to online casinos as opposed to offline casinos. As people feel safer gambling online they are engaging in the activity more often.

The ability to take the time to learn a new game in a quiet environment as opposed to a noisy casino is one reason why so many gamblers now prefer online casinos. Many online casinos even allow players to try games for free, giving them an opportunity to thoroughly learn each game, which increases the entertainment value of gambling.

It is possible for professional poker players and other gamblers to transition to making money through online gambling. With less overhead costs for players and casinos the experience becomes more rewarding. Professional gamblers also have easier access to less skilled players that they can teach and coach than they ever would in a land based casinos.

Once one has become an expert gambler they can go online and create learning materials that help others familiarize themselves with games and this can be a very profitable side job to supplement a professional gambler’s income.

There are many benefits to gambling online and this is one of the contributing factors in the growth of both online casinos and sports betting sites throughout America.

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Drake Casino Review

Drake Casino Review


This USA online casino site has become quite the crowd pleaser, since it first launched. So far, Drake Casino has steadily grown since its launch in 2012, to become one of the best known online casino sites on the net. Their English language and US Dollar gaming setup makes them ideal for all online casino players residing in English speaking countries, and as we’ve mentioned, that includes players based in the USA.

Software and Security

Drake Casino is powered by BetSoft Gaming, although they do carry games from the little known Arrow’s Edge, too. You can opt to play at the Curacao licensed Drake Casino, via your web browser, in their instant play site, or you can play on your portable gaming devices. The choice at this online casino, is very much yours to make.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

You won’t have a lot of deposit options open to you at this casino. Drake Casino does accept credit card deposits via Master Card, and Visa. They also accept Direct Cash, and Quick Cash transfers. Players based outside of North America can also use Skrill to deposit funds into their Drake Casino account.

Customer Support and Services

Should you need support and assistance via Drake Casino, you can opt to pick up the phone and call their toll-free telephone line. If speaking on the phone doesn’t work for you, feel free to get in touch with their customer services team via the online e-forms provided at the casino site.

Available Games

Drake Casino carries traditional casino games, as well as the latest online slot machine games. 3D slots are provided by BetSoft Gaming, whilst classic slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slot machine games can also be found at the site. Personally, we’d recommend their 3D slots, since they are state of the art.

Non-slot games at Drake Casino include blackjack, hi-lo, keno, Oasis poker, Pai Gow poker, pontoon, Red Dog poker, roulette, rummy, scratch card games, Three Card poker, and video poker. Mobile slot lovers will also be able to play a range of games on their portable casino devices, too.


Drake Casino is a firm believer in offering plenty of top promotions to their players. As well as those deals, Drake Casino players will also be able to enjoy a fine selection of games, as well as quality customer support, no matter in the world they reside.

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