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About Backgammon -

Backgammon Books

? 100 Backgammon Puzzles: A Champion's Guide to Testing Your Skills and Improving Your Game by Paul Lamford

? 501 Essential Backgammon Problems: 2nd Edition by Bill Robertie

? Advanced Backgammon, Volume 1 : Positional Play by Bill Robertie

? Advanced Backgammon, Volume 2 : Technical Play by Bill Robertie

? Advanced Backgammon: Positional Play (Advanced Backgammon) by Bill Robertie

? Amazing Book of Backgammon by John Treamaine

? An Introduction to Backgammon: A Step-By-Step Guide by Paul Magriel

? Backgammon - 2004 Edition by Renee Magriel Roberts, Paul Magriel, and Renee Magriel

? Backgammon (A 'Golden Hands' book) by Walter Brown Gibson

? Backgammon (First Book S.) by Don Stern

? Backgammon (Know the Game S.) by William Copeland and Guy Titley

? Backgammon (Rules of the game) by Suzanne Goldberg and Robert Hamilton

? Backgammon (Teach Yourself Books) by Robin A. Clay

? Backgammon Book by Jacoby/Crawford

? Backgammon Book by Oswald Crawford, John R. Jacoby

? Backgammon by Michael Crane

? Backgammon by Paul David Magriel Jr. and Renee Magriel

? Backgammon by Paul Magriel and line drawings

? Backgammon by Renee Magriel Roberts, Paul Magriel, and Renee Magriel

? Backgammon by Tim Norfolk

? Backgammon for Profit by Joe Dwek

? Backgammon for Serious Players by Bill Robertie

? Backgammon For Winners, 3rd Edition by Bill Robertie

? Backgammon Games and Strategies by Nicolaos Tzannes

? Backgammon in 20 minutes, by Harold Thorne

? Backgammon master games by Bill Kennedy

? Backgammon Now by Maria Coppoletta and Carlos Uberto

? Backgammon of Today With The Rules of The Present-Day Game by John Longacre

? Backgammon standards;: How to win at backgammon, by William Henry Walling

? Backgammon to Win by G mabard & claire booth

? Backgammon To Win by Lelia Hattersley

? Backgammon! by Djoli Kansil

? Backgammon, The Action Game by Ted James Prince Alexis Obolensky

? Backgammon, the Cruelest Game: the Art of Winning by Barclay and Bradshaw, Jon Cooke

? Backgammon: how to play and win: For beginner and expert, an easy to follow, step-by-step guide, includes rules, tactics, diagrams, glossary by Donald Carter

? Backgammon: Its history and practice, (Barry Vail fac-similes) (Barry Vail fac-similes) by George Frederick Pardon

? Backgammon: Its theory and practice, with something of its history by George Frederick Pardon

? Backgammon: The Action Game by Prince Alexis Obolensky; Ted James

? Backgammon: The Modern Game by Terence Reese and Robert Brinig

? Backgammon: The Quick Course to Winning Play by Don Stern

? Backgammon: The Way to Play and Win by Walter Brown Gibson

? Backgammon: Winning Strategies by Robin A. Clay

? Backgammon; the action game by Prince Alexis Obolensky and Ted James

? Backgammon - The Quick Way To Winning Play by Don Stern

? Begin Backgammon (Right Way S.) by J. Du C. Vere Molyneux

? Beginner's book of modern backgammon, by Ralph A Bond

? Beginning Backgammon by Tim Holland

? Beginning Backgammon: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Play by J. du C. Vere Molyneux

? Better Backgammon by Tim Holland

? Book of Backgammon by James and Jacoby , Mary Zita Oswald

? Championship backgammon: Learning through master play by Barclay Cooke

? Classic Backgammon Revisited, Second Edition by Jeremy Paul

? Complete backgammon,: For expert-average player-beginner, with exact chances and odds scientifically figured, by Walter Littauer Richard

? Discovering Backgammon (Discovering) by R. C. Bell

? Fell'S Guide to Winning Backgammon by Walter Gibson

? Gorens Modern Backgammon Complete by Charles Henry Goren

? How Good Are You at Backgammon?: 50 Challenging Situations for You to Rate Your Ability With the Experts by Nicolaos S. Tzannes and Basil Tzannes

? How to play backgammon (Little blue book) (Little blue book) by George Henry Fisher

? How to Play Backgammon by Arman Ratip

? How to Play Backgammon by Susan Perry

? How to Play the New Backgammon by Lelia Hattersley

? How to win at backgammon by Walter Brown Gibson

? Hoyle on Backgammon by Robert Norton

? Improve Your Backgammon (Mindsports) by Paul Lamford

? Know the Game: Backgammon (Know the Game) by W. H. Copeland

? Modern backgammon in a nutshell: (backgammon as a military conflict) by Peter Nicholas Gatsos

? New Ideas in Backgammon by Kit Woolsey and Hal Heinrich

? Phillip Martyn on backgammon by Phillip Martyn

? Play backgammon by L Wilson

? Play Backgammon Tonight by Dave Thompson

? Starting Out in Backgammon by Paul Lamford

? Teach Yourself Backgammon (Teach Yourself General Reference) by Michael Crane

? The "New York Times" Book of Backgammon by James Jacoby and Mary Zita Jacoby

? The Backgammon Book by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford

? The Backgammon Handbook by Enno Heyken and Martin B. Fischer

? The Backgammon Pack by Robert G. Allen

? The Clermont Book of Backgammon by David Dor-El

? The Mathematical Theory Behind Backgammon by Ali Khayat

? Win at Backgammon by Millard Hopper

? Winning at Backgammon by John Leet

? Winning Backgammon by Jeff Ward

? Winning Backgammon by Michael S. Lawrence

? Winning backgammon;: Problems and answers, by Grosvenor Nicholas

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