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About Backgammon -

Backgammon Game Rules

by Adel Awwad

Backgammon has been a fun family game for decades and whether you're thinking about playing Backgammon online, or sitting down for a family game night, you need to know how to play so you can allow your competitive streak to come out for a good reason. To start, if you're not playing online, you need to setup the Backgammon board. First, unfold the board and place it on a flat surface and make sure that there are 30 checkers in total; 15 of each color, usually in black and white. Once it's been decided who will play with each of the colored checker sets, you will need to place them on the points of the board, which are triangles numbered 1 to 24; for each player 2 checkers go on point 24, 5 checkers on point 13, 3 checkers on point 8 and 5 checkers on point 6. Of course, if you're playing online, forget the setup and cleanup, since your board comes pre-setup on your behalf!

The ultimate goal of Backgammon is of course to win, and to do that players must move all 15 of their checkers to the home quadrant point which is point 1. Once the board is setup and ready to play with, each player need to throw a die to decide who gets to go first; once that has been determined each player has to progress on their side of the board counter-clockwise in order to get to the end. Each player rolls the set of dice in a cup when it's their turn, and can either move checkers individually or in pairs based on the numbers on the dice (if 2 checkers are being moved, each one moves the number on only one of the dies) . When moving around the board, players can land on any empty points, points where only their own checkers are, or points where their opponent has only one checker. Once players get to the home point, they place their checkers on the bear off tray provided they have rolled the correct numbers on their dice. Of course, during gameplay you might find yourself met with opposition that must be overcome to defeat your opponent!

Playing Backgammon online is even easier, since you don't have to worry about the rules of how you can move your checkers around the board, you simply need to roll the dice and then choose whether you want to move your pieces individually or in pairs. Whichever way you choose to play, you will enjoy this classic family board game that will bring out your competitive streak and give you a fun time!

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