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About Craps -

Craps Books

? 101 Ways to Win at Craps! by Larry Edell

? 11 Craps Strategies by George Allen

? 72 Hours At the Crap Table (Gambler's Book Shelf) by B. Mickelson

? A Book on Casino Craps, Other Dice Games and Gambling Systems by C. Ionescu Tulcea

? Advantage Craps by Roger L Ford

? Advantage, player!: A definitive guide on how to play craps by Jonahs Starr

? All about Craps (All About... (Perigee Book)) by John Gollehon

? An expert's smart strategy guide to winning at craps by Lloyd T Commins

? Anyone Can Win at Craps: Strategies That Will Turn the Odds in Your Favor by Nicos Louizou

? Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win! by Frank Scoblete

? Beat The Craps Table! by Marten Jensen

? Beat the House: Sixteen Ways to Win at Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Other Table Games by Frederick Lembeck

? Casino Craps For Rookies by Mike Sherman

? Casino Craps: Strategies for Reducing the Odds Against You by Robert R. Roto

? Casino Gambling : A Winner's Guide to Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Casino Poker by Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen, Christopher Pawlicki, and Sharpshooter

? Come Seven: The Crap Shooters Manual by Frank Hanback

? Commando Craps & Blackjack! by John Gollehon

? Conquer Casino Craps by Dutch Miller

? Conquering Casino Craps by John Gollehon

? Crap Shooters Wake Up and Smell the Roses by Charles C. Westcott

? Craps 101: Fundamentals and Strategies for All Players by Michael S., Ph.d. Skaff

? Craps Across America: A Boomers Guide to the Gaming Life by Don Favero

? Craps by the Numbers (By the numbers series) by Alfred Di Mauro

? Craps for the Clueless: A Beginner's Guide to Playing and Winning (The Clueless Guides) by John Patrick

? Craps for the Sophisticated Senior by W. J. Giroir

? Craps Made Easy by William S. Reed

? Craps Smart Shooters Guide by Midgley

? Craps Strategies for That Long Roll by George Allen

? Craps Strategy: How to Play to Win at Casino Craps by Michael Benson

? Craps system tester by Erick St. Germain

? Craps to Win Thousands by Carroll Meyer

? Craps: A Winning Strategy: A Guide to Winning Casino Craps Consistently by David Medansky

? Craps: Dealing & Supervising by Ralph Cutolo

? Craps: Playing for the Money by David B. Medansky

? Craps: Playing to Win : A Humorous and Informative Gaming Guide (Playing to Win Series) by Tony Korfman

? Craps: Pressing Your Luck by Robert Spira

? Craps: Take the Money and Run by Henry J. Tamburin

? Craps: There Are No Secrets to This Game! : How Craps Is Played by Joubert W. Olson

? Craps: To play like a pro learn from a pro by Sam Grafstein

? Cutting the Craps Out of Craps: Now You Can Win at Casino Craps! by Zeke Feinberg

? Dice Control for Casino Craps by Yuri Kononenko

? E Z Way Craps by GT Tuggle

? Everything Craps Strategy Book: Win Big Every Time! (Everything: Sports and Hobbies) (Everything: Sports and Hobbies) by Larry Edell

? Facts of Craps by Walter I. Nolan

? Fifty Years at the Craps Tables by Mr. "Stuart"

? Forever Craps! by Frank Scoblete and Frank Scoblete

? Fundamentals of Craps by Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis

? Gamble To Win Advanced Craps by R. D. Ellison

? Gamble to Win: Craps by R. D. Ellison

? Get Dicey: Play Craps and Have Fun by Tracy Michigan

? Get the Edge at Craps (Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guide) by Sharpshooter

? God Doesn't Shoot Craps: A Divine Comedy by Richard Armstrong

? Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! How to Win at Craps Using a Controlled Dice Throw! by Frank Scoblete and Dominator

? How to better the odds at craps the all American game by Count of Monte Carlo

? How to Make Your Living Playing Craps by Larry Edell

? How to shoot craps by Budd Theobald

? How to Win at Craps by Frank Hanback

? John Patrick's Advanced Craps: The Sophisticated Player's Guide to Winning by John Patrick

? John Patrick's Craps: "So You Wanna Be a Gambler" by John Patrick

? Las Vegas Experts' Guide to Craps Blackjack & Card Games: How to Work the Odds! (Coles) by Robert Scharff

? Make Your Living Playing Craps by Larry Edell

? Mastering Craps by Tony Badillo, Robert Baker, and William W. Shutt

? On a Roll : How to Play Craps and Win by Damon M. Farris

? Play craps and win big: Develop your own winning strategy by Glen Sullivan

? Power Craps by Roger L. Ford

? Powerful Profits from Craps by Victor H. Royer

? Principles of Dealing Craps: A Survival Guide by Ray Martin

? Sharpshooter Craps by Frank Scoblete

? Six Was, Seven Is: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Craps and Las Vegas by J. L. Kane

? The art, science & philosophy of playing the game of craps by Arnold L Klein

? The Captains Craps Revolution by Frank Scoblete

? The Craps Answer Book: How To Make One Of The Best Bets In The Casino Even Better by John Grochowski

? The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions from the Casinos by Frank Scoblete

? The facts of craps: An introduction to the game of bank craps as played in legal casinos throughout the world by Walter I Nolan

? The Gambling Times Guide to Craps by N. B., Jr. Winkless

? The Smarter Bet Guide to Craps: Everything You Need to Play Craps Like a Pro (Smarter Bet Guides) by Basil Nestor

? The Ultimate Dice Book...A Player's Guide to Craps by Mike McGuire

? Wake Up Crap Shooters: And Join the Dice Revolution by Charles C Westcott

? When it comes to winning at craps, Jilly knows best by Charlie De Simone

? Why and how only a very few win at craps by Donald Perry

? Winning at Craps: A New Look at an Old Game (Gambling - How to Win Series) by Richard F. Schulte

? Winning Casino Craps (Other) by Edwin Silberstang

? Winning Craps For The Serious Player, 3rd Edition by J. Edward Allen

? You Can Earn Each Hour $12 to $24 or More Playing Casino Craps by Zeke Feinberg

? You Can Win at California Craps by Larry Edell

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