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About Craps -

Craps Game Rules

by Adel Awwad

Craps is a dice game, and arguably, one of the most exciting games available at a brick and mortar casino. The Craps Table looks a bit confusing, and it might even be intimidating since often there is a lot of yelling and excitement around it; but it's actually an incredibly easy game for players to learn and to play every time they enter their favorite casino or login to one online.

With Craps, a player throws 2 dice. They can bet on what they think they will roll before they throw the dice, and up to 20 other players watching are able to bet on the outcome of each throw. When throwing the dice, players must have the dice hit and bounce off the wall of the table; in Craps, dice are inspected regularly and replaced after 5 hours of gameplay to ensure fairness. When choosing to throw the dice and really get involved in the action, there's not too much you need to know, so we'll move onto how you bet in Craps.

Of course, when playing Craps, bets need to be placed on the table before the dice are thrown. The Passline Bet is simple and straight-forward, and it's more than enough to get you through your betting career in Craps with decent odds of winning. Instead of placing your bet on specific numbers on the Craps Table, in a Passline Bet, you place chips on the passline. If the player throwing the dice rolls a 7 or 11 then you win; but if they roll a 2, 3 or 12 you lose. If any other number is rolled, that number automatically comes the point number, meaning that it has to be rolled first before another winning 7 can be rolled. If that number is rolled before the number is rolled, then you win; but if the number 7 is rolled first, you can say goodbye to your bet!

Since Craps is a dice game, there's really no way to bring a strategy into play when hitting the tables. Whether you're throwing the dice or betting, it's all up to chance when all of the results are based on the way the dice land, so don't waste your time trying to improve your technique. Some believe that when throwing the dice a certain way, you're likely to have a better outcome - but really, as long as you do it they way you're supposed to when throwing and keep the dice on the table, there's really not much more you can do! Everyone wants an easy way to go home with the big bucks, but sometimes, the easiest answer is just to play the game, enjoy it, and feel like a real Las Vegas high-roller whether you're standing in a casino or sitting behind a computer screen at home getting the experience!

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