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About Keno -

Keno Game Rules

by Adel Awwad

If you've ever played the lottery or Bingo, then you're already well on your way to learning how to play Keno! Online Keno is available in machine format, which can also be found at brick and mortar casinos, but those versions are so simple to play, that first we'll talk about how to play the real thing!

To play Keno, you need to step into the Keno Lounge at your local Keno, or take advantage of a casino runner who can come to you in another part of the casino to organize the process of playing that is about to be explained. Pick up a Keno ticket from the Keno Lounge along with a special crayon for the game, and on it, select at least 4, but no more than 10 numbers from the sheet, which includes numbers 1 through 80. Once you've selected your numbers, return your ticket to the Keno desk along with your wager and get ready for the game to start. When it does, 20 numbered balls will drop out of a barrel, and if any of your numbers are included you will win some money! To find out which numbers were drawn, you can keep an eye on any number of the television and scoreboard screens available around the Keno Lounge to make sure you know if you're a winner. Payoffs tend to vary at each casino, but can be explained when you purchase your ticket. Plus, if you're a winner, keep in mind that your jackpot depends upon how much you wagered, especially since bets start as low as $0.05.

In some casinos, it is possible to play in more than one game of Keno at a time, referred to as a Casino race, which increases both the excitement and a chance of winning. Now that you understand how to play Keno, you can now spot the difference between the game, Bingo and the Lottery; or at least, you've also learned a little bit about each of them. Like the Lottery, in Keno you select your numbers on a ticket, and then like Bingo, the winner is determined with balls which are produced randomly and include numbers.

Another great reason to play Keno isn't just because its simplicity, but with Keno, you don't necessarily have to sit around the Keno lounge waiting for your numbers to be announced. You can get on with playing your other favorite casino games, and come back and claim your winnings at any time, which is very much unlike Bingo where you need to announce your winnings on the spot.

If traditional Keno isn't for you; check out Keno machines at casinos which are coin operated and show you whether you're won or lost right away, or play online from the comfort of your own home. Keno's easy to learn, easy to play, and easily gratifying!

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