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About Lottery -

Lottery Game Rules

by Adel Awwad

There are a number of different lottery games, but the classic version is referred to as the Lotto, and it's the one that you hear most about lucky winners attaining multi-million dollar jackpots. Playing the Lotto doesn't take any skill at all, so everyone who is the legal gambling age in the area where they're purchasing a lottery ticket can participate.

In a lottery, players purchase tickets from authorized Lotto dealers. Most lotteries require that players select 6 numbers that they'd like to play with by selecting them on a pay slip. These cards are typically laid out with numbered boxes, and players have to shade them in to select their numbers. Prices to play are set for each sequence of 6 that players select, and more than one set of 6 numbers can be played. You don't necessarily have to choose your own lottery numbers; it's also possible to request a ticket that has a random, computer-generated sequence of 6 numbers. Depending on the lottery, players can choose sequences of 6 numbers from an eligible 47 numbers that are to be included in the draw. Most often, lottery numbers are drawn once or twice a week depending upon where you live, and a ball dropper is used to dispense the combinations of 6 numbers that can make players jackpot winners.

In order to win when playing the lottery, you have to have all 6 numbers; the order of the numbers in the drawing or on your ticket don't matter as long as they are all present. If 2 or more players have the same set of 6 numbers, then the total jackpot is split amongst them; but if no Lotto players win then the jackpot is rolled over for the next Lotto. The big jackpot involved in an lottery depends on the number of players participating on a weekly basis; so the more that play, the more it pays! It is also possible to win small cash prizes or free tickets in the Lotto if you have 2 of the winning numbers or other combinations that are pre-determined by each Lottery individually.

So how do you choose your numbers when buying a lottery ticket? Some players prefer to have numbers randomly selected on their behalf when purchasing, but others have a specific set of numbers that they play week after week in hopes of a payoff. When choosing your numbers, a most common strategy is to pick numbers that correspond with special dates in your life, such as your birthday, wedding anniversary, children's birthdays and more. You can come up with your own strategy when playing the Lottery, but don't look for a way to increase your chances of winning because you just won't find it; all numbers are randomly drawn on a weekly basis, and short of cheating (which is a punishable offense by law) you have no more advantage to win than any other player!

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