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Caribbean Hold'em Poker Game Rules

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Sharpen your cutlasses for a battle of poker skills on the high seas! Caribbean Hold’Em Poker™ is a saltwater variation of Texas Hold’Em. In this variation, you are dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt two cards. Next comes the flop; three community cards dealt face-up. Fold and bow out or continue and see the next two community cards. Best poker rank wins!

Winning with the best poker hand is but half the story in Caribbean Hold’Em Poker™. Pop a coin in the ‘ole Jolly Roger and you could win the game’s biggest bounty of all – a cross-casino progressive jackpot that is shared with Caribbean Hold ’Em Poker’s™ sister game, Caribbean Stud Poker™. Parts of the progressive jackpot are awarded for specific poker hands created on the flop and a Royal Flush awards all the loot!

Caribbean Hold’em Poker ™ Explained:
The goal of Caribbean Hold'em is to get a better five-card poker hand than the dealer. Three community cards (called the "Flop") are dealt face up. The dealer is dealt two cards face down and you are dealt two cards face up. You predict whether or not your five-card poker hand will beat the dealer's hand. Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

If you believe your five-card poker hand will be as good or better than the dealers, you Call to make an additional bet that is twice the ante. If you believe the dealer will have a better five-card hand, you Fold to forfeit the ante and end the game.

Two more community cards are dealt face up. There are now five community cards that both you and the dealer can use to make the best five-card poker hand possible. You can use some or all of the five community cards to make the best five-card poker hand.

The dealer's hand must qualify with a pair of 4's or better. If the dealer does not qualify and you call, you win the ante and your Call bet is returned.

If the dealer qualifies, you call, and your five-card poker hand is better than the dealer's hand, you win on the ante according to the payouts below and you win even money on your Call bet.

If the dealer qualifies, you call, and your poker hand is equal to the dealer's poker hand, you push.

How To Play Caribbean Hold’em Poker:
Click chips to place a bet within table limits or click Rebet
Click Deal
Click Fold or Call

To Win (meet one):
Dealer's hand does not qualify with a pair of 4's or better.
You have a higher-ranking, five-card poker hand than the dealer.

Caribbean Hold'em Progressive Jackpot:
Caribbean Hold'em offers a progressive jackpot where an additional bet makes you eligible to win part or the entire jackpot. The payout for the jackpot depends on the rank of your poker hand. Caribbean Hold'em progressive payouts are based on a five-card poker hand that is made using your two cards and the first three community cards dealt. Please see Caribbean Hold'em progressive payouts in the game. To play for the progressive jackpot, click on the coin slot before clicking Deal. The coin slot lights up when you place a progressive bet. To remove your bet, click the coin slot again.

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