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About Slots -

Slots Game Rules

by Adel Awwad

Slot Machines, both online and in brick and mortar casinos have become a major staple for those who want to try their hand at gambling. Slots are easy to play, entertaining, and can fit any budget. Online Slots and Slots Machines and brick and mortar casinos work in a similar way, and it's easy to catch on so you can join in on the action. With live Slot machines, you need to insert coins or bills for money if they do not have a ticket format that allows you to pay at the cashier and then insert your ticket so you don't need to deal with actual cash at the machines. Once the money has been inserted, you can select the "Play One Credit" button or "Play Max Credits" which will determine whether you are going to bet the minimum (often 1c, 5c or 25c) on each spin, or if you'd like to wager all of your money once you're ready to spin. After the wagering amount has been selected, you can pull the lever on the Slot Machine if it's a classic reel Slot, or press the appropriate button on the Video Slot game to make the "reels" spin and determine if you're going to take home a jackpot.

Online Slots work very similarly to actual Slot machines. Typically, you need to fund your casino account with any amount you'd like, and then you can select how much you'd like to wager per spin. If they are penny slots, nickel slots or quarter slots, usually the betting amount will default to one of these values but you can increase your bet per spin with arrows if you'd like to up the ante a little bit! Once you're ready to spin the reels, you simply need to hit the "Spin" button indicated on the software and your winnings will be dealt out accordingly.

In order to win at Slots, when the reels stop, you need to have a certain combination of numbers and characters as outlined on the machine. Sometimes only one payout line will result in winnings, often located in the center of the area where the reels stop, but other Slots will offer more than one payout line to tabulate winnings. Some Slots have Wild Symbols that can help players to increase their odds, since the Wild Symbol fills in for any other number or symbol that will result in some sort of winnings. With Video Slots, the payout lines don't just run horizontally, on those 5-reel Slots you can receive a payout from V shapes, upside down patterns and even zigzags across the screen!

Since Slots are strictly a game of chance, with the outcome of each spin randomly determined by a software built into the game, there's really no way to improve your odds. Some people swear by playing on certain types of Slot Machines, but regardless of your preferences, the likelihood that you have of winning is merely based on chance so forget gimmicks and just start playing!

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