Betting On The Grand National

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Betting on horses has never been easier than it is now making for a much more enjoyable and inclusive pastime than it ever was before.

In the past putting a wager on a horse (or any other competition) could be seen as something you needed to grit your teeth for. Visiting the bookmaker ‘s shop (the bookies) never looked very inviting from the outside with its opaque windows and when you did go in you entered a smoke filled, male dominated world where the people were all studying newspapers and apparently speaking in code about Accumulators, Round robins and Yankees. It wasn’t very inviting and the staff usually expected you to know what you were doing. That has all changed now though.

Bookmakers shops are a lot nicer nowadays with some looking more like a cross between a TV showroom and a coffee shop, and the whole betting experience has been transformed. Most of this has been driven by the rise and ease of online betting making it much more accessible, particularly for women and people unsure of how to even make a bet. This change makes occasional bets a much easier and attractive option.

The Grand National provides a great example of a race for exactly that group of people. Because the National is so popular many people want to make a bet on this one occasion. People often get involved through a draw at work but many would also like to put a couple of pounds on a particular favourite (especially if they only got one of the outsiders in their draw).

Making an online bet has now never been easier; However, for many it could be a better choice to visit the “new improved” bookies shop for a one off or occasional bet as online betting can sometimes be too easy. The phrase “Never bet more than you can afford to lose” is an important one to remember.

One reason the Grand National is great choice for a one-off flutter is because the race itself is a one off, run over fences and a distance that happens only once a year. Because of this there isn’t much in the way of form so the lucky guess may work just as well as a lengthy study of every horse, rider and jockey. Therefore, everyone thinks that they can get lucky and pick a horse that can win. Some of the best techniques for selecting a winner can include a pin, a name that appeals, the jockey’s colours and so on. There have been 100/1 winners before and almost certainly will be again. No horse will ever be seen as an obvious winner for the Grand National, even up to the very last yard or two of the course.

To have a flutter, take a look at the entrants and the betting in the papers then visit a bookmaker or use an online betting company (all the big name, reputable companies have their own sites) then just put a few pounds on. Not so much money that you would regret losing but just enough to add a little more spice to watching the race and hopefully pay for a couple of celebratory drinks afterwards.

Remember as well that you don’t just have to bet on a win; you can also take an Each Way bet which effectively means you put two bets on the one horse – one for a win and one for a place. For example, if you ask for a £5 each way bet the bookmaker will put £5 on a win and £5 on a place for the same horse, total cost to you, £10. The benefit is that if your horse doesn’t win but takes second, third or fourth places you still make a return. Places get a lower return than a win but can make great sense in a race like the National where the horse could have quite long odds against him.

Good luck, just enjoy taking part.


Meeting Lady Luck Online

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Gamblers enjoy the fun, excitement and challenge of any encounter with Lady Luck. When you win a few bucks in the bargain: all the more entertainment value. Plus, when you win, you really played for free.

The United States is a country that loves to gamble. Market studies report that over 60 percent of Americans gamble in some form or another. The National Council On Problem Gambling reports that in 2013, 2 to 3 percent of the population or almost 9 million people in the U.S. gamble compulsively. No matter if it is bingo at the church hall for charity, buying a lottery ticket, wagering on a sporting event or playing slots online or at a land-based casino: gambling is one of the nation’s fastest growing and most lucrative commerce arenas. Within the United States, gambling is a $40 billion dollar industry, generating more revenue than theme parks, spectator sports, cruise ships, movies and music combined. At the latest count, there are over 1500 brick and mortar casinos in the United States. Las Vegas has the most land-based casinos with 112.

Richard Allen Johnson with Safe Gaming System reports, “According to a recent study by the American Gaming Association, which counted direct and indirect spending, U.S. casinos and the industries that depend on them made a $125 billion economic splash in 2010 — equal to 1 percent of U.S. gross domestic product. The report shows 566 casinos in 22 states supported about $125 billion in spending and 820,000 U.S. jobs in 2010. Direct consumer casino spending accounts for about 350,000 jobs and $50 billion. About one-third of the money came from non-gambling sources. Indirect spending generated about 470,000 jobs and $76 billion. Taxes paid directly by the industry in 2010 totaled nearly $16 billion; $25 billion when indirect activity is counted. Today, 42 states operate lotteries, 37 have commercial, Indian or racetrack casinos and only 2 – Utah and Hawaii – don’t allow any form of gambling.”

The first online casino launched in 1995. Today, with the amazing advances in computer technology and Internet access worldwide, there are literally thousands of online casinos where the adventurous can play all their favorite games from the comfort of their couch or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Online casinos elevate the entire gaming experience to a whole new level; it’s almost magic. At the touch of your keyboard or mobile device, you can have your pick of a diverse array of reputable 5-star online casinos.

Whether your favorite game is poker, keno, slots, roulette, baccarat, backgammon or bingo, a quick Internet search will return a seemingly endless assortment of online gaming options. Perhaps you prefer to play the ponies or bet on other sports events. If you are in the mood to place a wager: it is easy to find an online casino to place your bet. When searching online to find a reputable online casino, savvy gamblers read the reviews from other players. The best online casinos share similar characteristics.

  • ·      24/7 “live” customer service by phone, chat or e-mail.
  • ·      Clean, pleasing graphics
  • ·      An easy to navigate site that functions smoothly
  • ·      Never sanctioned, banned or blacklisted
  • ·      Consistent positive reviews from other players
  • ·      Legally licensed and registered
  • ·      Offers generous sign-up bonuses
  • ·      Accepts all major credit cards
  • ·      Provides multiple methods of transferring funds
  • ·      Pays out promptly via credit card deposit, wire transfer or check
  • ·      The site is offer in your native language

Roll the dice, pick a team, select your numbers, calculate your cards, cross your fingers and say a prayer: if the “Lady” smiles, you’re the next big winner. Online gambling isn’t easy. It requires risk and faith: that’s why it’s called gambling. When you gamble you assume a calculated risk while believing you have a good chance of winning. The pleasure is in that moment you feel “lucky”: when you experience the edge that whispers you can beat the house.

Mobile Slots to Stay in the Palms of our Hands

December 19, 2012 :: Posted by - casinoexpert :: Category - Video Slots

Slots lovers are winning and losing real money playing mobile slots but how long will it last?

I don’t gamble for a living, I wish that I did but that’s not the case. I build websites and make them perform well. I have been doing this for such a long time…With my background in the gaming industry before this not so exciting career, I felt it was past the time for me to disclose my prediction of the future of mobile gambling. I intend to show when the time word “mobile” fades into something forgotten and how pocket slot machines will be the normal thing. Until then let’s talk about the state of slots right now.

 If you have not already jumped on-board the mobile gaming craze this may come as a surprise to you.

People are gambling for real money and winning real money in the USA on their mobile phones and iPads. It’s common knowledge that as this technology moves forward, things that used to be too large to carry around, namely electronics and phones, end up getting smaller and more efficient. The same trend seems to be headed for the online slots in general and I predict that there will no longer be a notable difference between mobile versions of slots for real money and the same video slots you are used to playing.

What do you think the difference is between a standard slots website and a mobile slots website?

There is no difference at all, in fact a mobile slots site merely makes an already complete website speak in a special “code” to the mobile device so that the mobile device can understand it. It is like reading a 4th grade paper for your morning news. As our mobile devices become smarter and faster there will be no need to tune down the already complete websites just to work with peoples phones and tablets. Our new devices will be able to access and load the non-mobile pages faster than home computers can presently bringing the online casino experience to new levels.

Playing for real money on mobile slots in the USA is 100% legal and will grow exponentially in the next year. In the future it will be the same as playing your favorite slots at your local brick and mortar casino except much faster and without wasting any gas.  As technology moves forward so will the internet gaming industry. You will be playing at the same online casinos, working on the same programs and playing the same slots winning real money on your phone wherever you go as you already do at home, just better.

Bingo Is Not Just For The Elder Generation

December 05, 2012 :: Posted by - Fire Casinos :: Category - Bingo

When you think of bingo players, what is the first thing that springs to mind? If you were to say that you thought of elderly ladies, you wouldn’t be the only person to have conjured up that image. It is fair to say that most people think of bingo players as being woman who have a great deal of experience in life. You can see why this is the case, that was certainly true in the 70s, 80s and 90s but in recent times, the image of bingo has been transformed and the old stereotypes are no longer valid. Yes, bingo is still enjoyed by ladies of a certain vintage but it is a game that is enjoyed by a great number of young people too these days.

One of the reasons why bingo is quite popular with the younger crowd these days is that it can be part of a great night out. The prices of drinks in a bingo hall are usually quite affordable and given that you have the chance to win some money, you can see why it is a great starting point for any night. A lot of bingo halls now provide a quiet room for the serious players and a loud room, where players who want to have some fun with their friends can play in. This may dampen their chances of being a bingo winner but when it comes to having fun, bingo is definitely a great option for a night out.

However, one of the biggest factors in the new found popularity of bingo relates to online bingo. Everyone can join in the fun with online bingo and there is no risk of being seen by your friends entering a bingo hall. Many people have always liked the idea of bingo but didn’t want to have the embarrassment factor by being seen to be playing a game that is associated with old ladies. Being able to play from the comfort of your own home has helped bingo players to make the most of the fun games available.

Another reason why so many younger people have turned to online bingo comes with the fact that there are so many bingo bonuses and promotions to enjoy. Signing up with a bingo site can provide a player with a great deal of money to play with. If you have a budget, you should find that you are able to join in the bingo fun without having to spend too much money. This is a huge bonus, especially in these tough economic times so you can see why more and more bingo players are coming out of the woodwork.

When you play online bingo, there is no need to have skill or attention. Many players opt for the manual marking of their cards which means it all comes down to luck. There is still a sense of excitement and hope when the numbers are called and you close in on a full house but you don’t need to be marking the card off yourself.