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Why guest post on Fire Casinos Blog?

1. Gain more exposure for website.

2. Build your brand name and an authoritative presence.

3. Get targeted traffic.

4. Add valuable inbound links to any part of your website.

The inbound links will be “NoFollow”. However, there are some advantages to even “NoFollow” links.

1. You can still get click throughs to your website from nofollow links.

2. While nofollow links don’t transfer PR link juice, they still allow search engines to find your website.

3. Having a combination of dofollow and nofollow links pointing to different parts of your website looks more natural, than having only dofollow links pointing to one or more sections of your website.

4. NoFollow links do not negatively impact on the website that they are pointing to.

5. Some search engines will also take into consideration nofollow links when calculating a website’s position in the SERPS.

What Are The Rules?

1. Only gambling related posts will be accepted.

2. Please submit your blog post to the relevant category or categories.

3. Only ONE link per blog post is allowed. If a blog post contains more than one link, then only one link will be kept, while the others will be removed.

4. Only unique, original blog posts will be accepted. No duplicate content please.

5. No broken English. Please double check your spelling and grammar.

6. No spun material.

7. Only submit your own content.

8. We reserve the right to refuse any submitted blog post.

9. Please watch what you are linking to. Links that point to questionable websites will be removed.

10. The website you are linking to MUST have a minimum Page Rank of 1.

11. A link back is NOT required.

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