Mobile Slots to Stay in the Palms of our Hands

December 19, 2012 :: Posted by - casinoexpert :: Category - Video Slots

Slots lovers are winning and losing real money playing mobile slots but how long will it last?

I don’t gamble for a living, I wish that I did but that’s not the case. I build websites and make them perform well. I have been doing this for such a long time…With my background in the gaming industry before this not so exciting career, I felt it was past the time for me to disclose my prediction of the future of mobile gambling. I intend to show when the time word “mobile” fades into something forgotten and how pocket slot machines will be the normal thing. Until then let’s talk about the state of slots right now.

 If you have not already jumped on-board the mobile gaming craze this may come as a surprise to you.

People are gambling for real money and winning real money in the USA on their mobile phones and iPads. It’s common knowledge that as this technology moves forward, things that used to be too large to carry around, namely electronics and phones, end up getting smaller and more efficient. The same trend seems to be headed for the online slots in general and I predict that there will no longer be a notable difference between mobile versions of slots for real money and the same video slots you are used to playing.

What do you think the difference is between a standard slots website and a mobile slots website?

There is no difference at all, in fact a mobile slots site merely makes an already complete website speak in a special “code” to the mobile device so that the mobile device can understand it. It is like reading a 4th grade paper for your morning news. As our mobile devices become smarter and faster there will be no need to tune down the already complete websites just to work with peoples phones and tablets. Our new devices will be able to access and load the non-mobile pages faster than home computers can presently bringing the online casino experience to new levels.

Playing for real money on mobile slots in the USA is 100% legal and will grow exponentially in the next year. In the future it will be the same as playing your favorite slots at your local brick and mortar casino except much faster and without wasting any gas.  As technology moves forward so will the internet gaming industry. You will be playing at the same online casinos, working on the same programs and playing the same slots winning real money on your phone wherever you go as you already do at home, just better.