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American Roulette

American Roulette has got to be one of the most exciting casino games ever, itís almost synonymous with the word casino. At Slot Power we have two versions of this great game, American Roulette and European Roulette, so you can give both of them a spin and see which one does it for you!

This great game is all about numbers, and you have 38 of them to choose from in American Roulette. Numbers run from 1 up to 36, and the defining feature of the American game are the two zeroís, single zero and double zero.

You can place bets on single numbers which pay 35:1, or cover two adjacent numbers for a 17:1 payout, or three, four, or five adjacent numbers Ė you get the picture! The more numbers you cover with your chip, the less the payout, so itís easy to work out how to win big at this exciting Slot Power game!

Roulette is such a fun game to play, and itís not a game that you need to spend hours learning. More often than not itís newcomers to the game that get luckier and richer than they ever dreamed! If your favourite number or numbers come in and youíve piled chips upon chips on those numbers, your bank manager will be in for a healthy surprise!

Fire Casinos

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