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Craps has got to be one of the coolest casino games in the universe, for this reason we had to include it in our Table Games section at Slot Power. Featured in action movies since time began, youíll always see crap tables surrounded by crowds of exciting glamourous people totally caught up in this great game where people have become millionaires overnight!

Craps is also one of the most complicated games ever because of the huge range of different bets and payout odds available, and it can take up to two years to become a good craps dealer. Craps is also an extremely fast game so the dealers and the players all need to be on their toes!

There is no better way to learn this complex game than in the privacy of your own home at Slot Power. We would thoroughly recommend playing in Fun mode while you learn the rudiments of Craps and familiarise yourself with all the possible bets and payout odds. When you feel more confident try playing for real money and watch your pile of chips grow Ė you donít have to bet big to win big at the Slot Power Craps table!

Fire Casinos

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