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Future Fortunes

Future Fortunes is a wonderfully mysterious and exciting 5 reel multi-payline video slot game weíre very excited to have at Slot Power. Welcome to the feature-packed Future Fortunes slot game, where youíre plunged into the dramatic world of crystal balls and tarot cards Ė how much will you win? Play this great game and find out!

The two scatter symbols literally double your winning chances and each triggers a special bonus round. When you spin 3 or more Ouijja Board symbols you trigger the Canít Lose Free Spins Bonus Round. This delightful feature might sound too good to be true but itís not. The first reel in the Free Spin round is bewitched so itíll only spin Wild symbols, not only that, but the paytable is also bewitched to include 2 symbol payouts. The end result is that all payouts become 5x more likely! Just sit back and watch your winnings grow like magic at Slot Power!

Donít forget the second scatter symbol Ė the Tarot Card, with even more winning potential. Three or more of these triggers the Fortunes Bonus Round where you get to test your prediction skills in a chance game of pick a card. Each time you get it right your winnings shoot through the roof!

Fire Casinos

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