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Let It Ride Poker

Let It Ride is another interesting variation of the game of poker available at Slot Power for poker fans everywhere! A quick and easy game to play, the object is to get the best hand of poker you can, the smallest qualifying hand being a pair of tens.

You start the game by clicking on any of the three bet circles on the table, this will place 3 chips of your selected bet value on the table, which is what you値l need to receive your first three cards. You will receive a further two community cards but first you値l need to decide whether to continue with your current bet, or to remove a chip from the table if your hand isn稚 that strong.

When the first community card is dealt you値l be given the same option again, remove a bet or continue playing with the same bets. On the drawing of the final card you値l be able to see your poker hand, and will receive payouts on all remaining bets on the table according to the payout table.

If you get the top poker hand of a Royal Flush this値l get you a cool payout of 250:1 on each of your bets on the table! It definitely pays to take risks at Slot Power!

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