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Multi-hand Blackjack

Blackjack Multi-hand is the deluxe version of our regular Blackjack game at Slot Power. One of the all-time favourites in casinos the world over, our Blackjack Multi-hand offers you the chance to play up to three separate hands against the dealer at any one time – thus increasing your power to turn the cards in your favour and rake in the winnings!

This strategy game is played with just 2 decks of 52 cards each which are shuffled before each new hand. The rules are the same as for the standard Blackjack game, with an exception when it comes to doubling down – you may only double on hand totals of 9, 10 or 11.

With just 2 decks of cards, the experienced Blackjack player will have a distinct advantage when playing this game, especially when playing three hands at a time. The more cards that are revealed on the table, the higher the odds are in the player’s favour – especially if he/she knows what he’s doing!

Not that we in any way advocate card counting at Slot Power, in fact it’s strictly forbidden, however this game gives you a great opportunity to try out different Blackjack strategy systems and see how they work for you!

Fire Casinos

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