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Penguin Payday

Scratchcard games are becoming hot property on the internet, and this lovely little game from Slot Power will have you scratching and winning! Themed on a bunch of cute little animated penguins, the aim of the game is to get three or more matching symbols on the card to win the payout.

The symbols all represent multipliers of your original bet, or the price of the scratchcard. The multipliers start from 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 40x up to 80x your stake. The paytable is permanently displayed (held up by a kind volunteer penguin) and as you scratch the card the paytable will fill up with animated penguins showing you how much you’ve won.

To scratch the card, you just need to move your mouse over the card, or if you’re feeling particularly lazy you can use the easy option and just click on the Reveal button below! A fun and entertaining scratchcard game we just had to have in our Slot Power collection!

Fire Casinos

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