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Pub Fruity Slot


Pub Fruity offers the chance to chalk up bigger wins

Capturing the look and feel of the British pub scene this week is the latest pub style fruit machine PUB FRUITY.

From the bosomy barmaid to the drinks and public house ambience, the graphics on this brand new game give it the authentic feel of the fine leisure venues that made fruit machine gambling famous, right down to its unique bonus feature darts competition.

A 3 reel, single pay-line game, Pub Fruity is all about good fortune combined with player skill in an interactive and highly entertaining format complete with the cash, stops and nudges found in the traditional land machines on a typical 18 position lapper board. Adding to the excitement is Pub Fruity's unique feature - a virtual darts competition where the avatar chosen by the player can earn him or her up to x 1 000 on the stake up to a maximum of 10 000.00.

Players earn rewards by spinning up combinations from a range of 9 different symbols with various values up to x 250 for the Pub Fruity logo, but when these symbols are accompanied by an overlaid dart, the action and the money really start to flow in an ingenious and original feature.

The dart symbol lights up a feature panel every time it appears, and when three darts are lit the player is offered a game-within-the-game in the form of a darts competition. With a choice of three avatar competitors, the player tries to pick the winner, because if the choice is right that x 1 000 multiplier bonus kicks in for significant winnings. If a second place avatar has been chosen, the reward is x 500 and for third x 100.

Using brilliant graphics and sound effects, the new game faithfully captures the UK 'pub' feel of these entertaining fruit machines with added appeal through a more complex playing experience in a truly dynamic game. The genre has more player involvement and offers the gambler better chances to win.

With a wagering range between 0.10 and 10.00, the game can be enjoyed by everyone. If the reels show a number next to any of the symbols then the players’ position on the lapper board is advanced by the total of these numbers. For example if the reels stopped and displayed three symbols that were not a win and one symbol had a number 1 next to it and another one of the symbols had a number 3 on it then the player would move 4 places along the trail.

The combination of reel action, lapper board skills and the dart match feature makes Pub Fruity both unusual and enthralling, promising hours of excitement and the possibility of big rewards - try it now!

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