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Red Dog

Red Dog is one of the fastest and easiest casino games played with cards anywhere in the world, and we’re proud to have it available for you to play at Slot Power.

Once you’ve placed your bet on the table you’ll be dealt two cards which are separated. The object of the game is to guess whether the next card value will be between the first two card values or not. You have two options to choose from: Call will deal the third card without raising your bet, or Raise will double your Ante bet (and your payout too!) if you win the hand.

The payout table is displayed on the Red Dog table itself, and each time a new hand is dealt you’ll see the little flag marker position on the current odds payable if you win. If you look at the right-hand side of the payout table you’ll see extra odds for special hands. So if you get dealt 3 Kings, you’ll receive 11:1 payout on your Ante. This cool casino game at Slot Power will keep you guessing, and it’s great fun to play too!

Fire Casinos

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