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Reel Crime

Reel Crime – who says crime doesn’t pay?! It certainly does in this thrilling crime adventure 5 reel multi-payline I-slot game at Slot Power. With 2 great episodes to choose from, Bank Heist and Art Heist – you too can pull off the perfect crime in master criminal style, maybe pick up a few tricks on the way!

The cool theme music will get you in the mood for some action while you case the joint for weak spots. Each game features a game map, which is the plan showing the different stages of the robbery. As you advance through the scenes you’ll get ever closer to your target. You’ll need to find keys, trip some alarm systems and finally make your exciting getaway with the loot – without being caught by the cops!

During this cool Slot Power game you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for special Reel Crime Bonus Rounds that will give you the opportunity to increase your winnings by awarding free spins and multipliers – remember that crime definitely does pay! To hit the Robin Hood Bonus Rounds which appear randomly during play remember you must be playing full coins and max lines.

You can play this great game for as little as 1 cent and choose up to 15 paylines.

Fire Casinos

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