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Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is another great casino game at Slot Power which is based on the game of poker. The main difference between this and regular poker is that youíre playing with only 3 cards in a hand. You might think this makes for a pretty limited game, and youíd be right, but Three Card Poker is actually two games in one; Pair Plus and Ante.

As the player you can choose to play either the Pair Plus game or the Ante game, or even both. You can also bet different amounts on each game at the same time if you like, both games are based on the same 3 card hand youíre dealt, but feature different payout tables.

The Pair Plus game is entirely independent of the dealerís cards, and will payout immediately upon a winning combination.

The Ante game features both Normal and Bonus payouts. The Normal payouts are dependent on the dealerís hand, and you will only receive these if your hand is better and the dealer qualifies with at least a Queen-high hand.

The Bonus payouts are not dependent on the dealerís hand and are paid out if you have a Bonus combination. Definitely one of the most popular poker variations at Slot Power!

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