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Vegas Jackpot

Vegas Jackpot Keno is the deluxe version of the regular Keno game at Slot Power, and the payouts are ultra-deluxe! A much loved game the world over, now you can play your very own online Keno game at home!

This exciting jackpot Keno game is based on the regular game of Keno, where you have to predict up to 10 numbers from the 20 that the game will randomly draw. There’s an interesting twist in Vegas Jackpot Keno which you’ll see reflected in the paytable as you select your numbers: if you pick 10 numbers but guess none of them correctly, you’ll win 11x your stake!

Use the handy Quikpik button to select 10 random numbers if you’re feeling a wee bit lazy – or just click on the numbers to select. You can play up to 10 rounds at a time with the same numbers, and just watch those balls pop up and into your target numbers.

Boasting one of the hottest mega jackpots in town, Vegas Jackpot Keno has a truly super-boosted jackpot for 10 correct numbers of an astounding $2,500,000! Just bu deciding to play this super deluxe Keno game at Slot Power you could become the next millionaire!

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