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War is a classic casino game, and also one of the fastest card games you’ll ever find at Slot Power. Based on a very simple concept, the object of War is simply to get a higher card than the dealer. The dealer deals one card to you and one card to him. If your card is higher you’ll win 1:1 on your bet (even money), and if your card is lower the dealer takes your bet.

So what happens if your card is the same as the dealer’s card? Aha, this is where it get’s interesting at Slot Power. If both your cards are identical in value then you get to make the exciting decision whether to go to War or Surrender.

If you go to War you’ll need to raise your bet, and both you and the dealer will receive another card each. If you win, your original bet pushes and your raise pays even more money. If you choose instead to Surrender, you’ll win back half of your original bet.

That’s not all – there’s a special Tie bet which you can bet on each hand, or just on some hands when you get that special feeling – you’ll know when you win as it pays 10:1 – independently of your original bet.

Fire Casinos

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