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Gambling Dictionary



Sawbuck - Ten dollars.
Sawdust Joint - Unpretentious casino.
Scared Money - Money that a gambler can't afford to lose.
Score - A large win.
Scout - Person who studies a team during play or practice and reports findings.
Second Dealer - A dealer who can peek at the top card and deal the next card if the top card is not to his advantage.
Send It In - A player who takes advantage of a winning streak by increasing his/her bets substantially.
Session - A series of plays at a gambling game.
Set - In Pai Gow Poker, players set their seven cards into two separate hands of two and five cards each.
Seven Out - The rolling of a seven after the point has been established.
Seventh Street - In 7 card stud, the fifth and final round of betting is called seventh street because players have seven cards.
Shark - A clever player often posing as a fish early in the game.
Shiner - A small mirror or reflecting object which is used by a cheater to see unexposed cards.
Shoe - The box in which the dealer places the shuffled cards from two or more decks. Cards are then dealt from the shoe.
Shooter - The person rolling the dice.
Short Ender - The underdog in a bet.
Showdown - In poker, after the last betting round, the players who remain in the pot must show their hands in the showdown to determine the winner.
Shuffle - Before each hand the dealer mixes up the order of the cards.
Shutter - A window covering a number on a re-usable bingo card. The shutter can be pulled down to mark each number as it is called.
Silks - A jockey's uniform.
Silver Mining - Searching for unguarded coins left in the slot machines area.
Single - A Straight bet on one selection.
Single Odds - An additional wager equal to one's original bet.
Singleton - In poker, a card that is the only one of its rank.
Sixth Street - In 7 card stud, the fourth round of betting is called sixth street because players have six cards.
Skin - A dollar.
Skin Game - In poker, a game having two or more cheaters.
Skinning The Hand - A cheater's way of getting rid of excess cards in Poker.
Skinny - A bet on any Seven.
Skipped - A person who left town owing money leaving no forwarding address.
Skoon - A dollar.
Slot Schedule - The details usually at the top of a slot machine detailing the type of machine, denomination, and payout details.
Smart Money - When a professional gambler places a bet.
Snake Eyes - In craps, when a player rolls a two.
Snapper - In Blackjack, it refers to an Ace and 10 count card.
Soft Count - The counting the takings inside a gambling machine.
Soft Count Room - The room where the soft count takes places.
Soft Hand - A hand in blackjack that contains an ace counted as eleven.
Soft Player - A player who bets less following a win and doubles up following a loss.
Spinner - Winning streak.
Spit - A very small amount of money.
Split Bet - A combination bet across two numbers on the inside of the roulette table.
Spooking - Standing behind the dealer in a Blackjack game in order to relay the dealer's card values to a player.
Spot - Any number from 1 to 80 that a player selects on a keno ticket. It also refers to the number of numbers that are marked on a ticket.
Square Pair - A hard 8, meaning two 4s.
Squares - Perfect dice to within a tolerance of 1/5,000 of an inch.
Stack - The amount of money (stack of chips) a player has on the table.
Stake - The amount of money a player is willing to play with in a given session.
Stand - In Blackjack, to stand is to refrain from taking another card.
Standing Hand - A Blackjack hand with 17 or more.
Steal - In poker, to win the pot by bluffing.
Steamer - A player who will only bet big when losing.
Stickman - The dice dealer who calls the numbers rolled and controls the stick.
Stiff - In Blackjack, a hand that is not pat and that may bust if hit once. Stiffs include hard twelve through sixteen.
Still Up - What the dealer says to remind players that a wager is still in play.
Store - An establishment that caters to small play.
Straight - In poker, a hand consisting of five cards of consecutive ranks, but not of the same suit.
Straight Flush - In poker, a hand consisting of five cards of consecutive ranks of the same suit.
Straight Keno - The basic keno game, played by marking individual numbers on a keno ticket.
Straight Up Bet - A Straight bet on one selection.
Stripping - Card shuffling technique.
Stuck - Losing.
Stud Poker - A poker game with no draw.
Suit - Any one of the four types of cards: clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades.
Surrender - In Blackjack, to give up half one's wager before the hand is complete, for the privilege of not playing out a hand, thus saving half the wager. In roulette, one effectively loses only half the wager on an even money bet when the ball lands on 0.
System - A method of betting.

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