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APCW Perspectives Weekly - October 27th, 2006
The premier episode of Perspectives Weekly focuses on the new gambling prohibition and why online casinos aren't doing more to fight it. Also, how Federal Gaming Law now changes State Gaming Law enforcement.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - November 3rd, 2006
This week we interview Michael Bolcerek, President of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), and Washington Lobbyist Debbie Richardson.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - November 10th, 2006
This week we feature election results for congressmen affecting our industry, give an update on the recent gaming protest in Washington, D.C., and Part Two of our interview with the President of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA).

APCW Perspectives Weekly - November 17th, 2006
This week we talk about the American Gaming Association and their "new stance" on internet gambling, and the possibility of new European online gaming legislation.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - November 24th, 2006
Online gambling will survive in America! How do we know? Watch this weeks episode and find out! Also, we have an online casino warning for all our player and webmaster friends. Plus Thanksgiving bloopers!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - December 1st, 2006
Updates on this week in online gambling, including Bill Frist, German casino news, more on the WTO and Antigua, and the new APCW!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - December 8th, 2006
This week's show from Costa Rica at the Poker Industry Expo. Introduction from the PPA President, interview with Gian Perroni and industry news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - December 15th, 2006
This week from Texas: Meet the APCW Auditing Director, more on Germany and online gaming, and the APCW position on sports betting.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - December 22nd, 2006
This week our Christmas special features industry news from Europe and the US, plus we set the record straight about the Florida "online gambling" arrests.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - December 29th, 2006
This week we interview Michael Corfman, Executive Director of the GPWA. Plus industry news and J Todd's American Idol audition.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - January 5th, 2007
This week our opening credits recap the 2006 year in online gambling. Plus, we expose Party Gaming's plan for American player accounts, and online gambling will soon be legal in New York state!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - January 12th, 2007
This week we expose 787Poker for their total lack of customer service and common sense. We also discuss an ongoing audit of a major poker room, and breaking industry news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - January 19th, 2007
This week we look at the NETeller pull out from the American market, and why would the United Kingdom label poker a game of "chance"?

APCW Perspectives Weekly - January 26th, 2007
This week from the ICE Conference in London, England. Plus several major industry news stories on Microgaming, NETeller, and the WTO.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 2nd, 2007
This week from the CAP Euro Conference in the United Kingdom, we look at the different views of gambling between the US and the UK, plus a NETeller update.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 9th, 2007
This week we update NETeller and the FBI, then beg for payment processing! Industry news includes internet filtering, Bet on Sports, and terrorism!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 16th, 2007
This week we finally announce who we're been working with, and how we hope to bring online gaming back to the United States.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 23rd, 2007
This week give more details on our Charitable Gaming Model and VFW Webcom Partnerships and discuss industry news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 2nd, 2007
This week we find out where we are with the Veterans Charity Gaming Issue, plus a ton of industry related news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 9th, 2007
Good news from Europe! Bad news from the World Series of Poker. Headway with the Charity Gaming for Veterans, and Industry News!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 16th, 2007
This week, our tribute to the late Brad Delp, lead singer for the band Boston. Also, hopeful industry news from Washington, DC, plus the FBI gets embarassed and a NETeller update.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 23rd, 2007
News from the US: NETeller money may be coming soon, the Sporting Bet case wraps up, and how to gamble online legally! News from Europe: More good stuff from the EU High Court and the French Government has lost it's mind! Plus, we compare online gambling with state lotteries!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 30th, 2007
NETeller won't serve Turkey... or Canada! Plus, why the US Online Gambling Ban will not be repealed, and the European Union has a warning for Germany.

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