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APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 1st, 2008
This week we have extensive coverage of the CAP Euro event, plus industry news from the US, the EU, and Finland... again!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 8th, 2008
Is online gambling a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK for the United States? According to the US Government, YES! Also, an online gaming executive has been SHOT in Costa Rica, and we have continuing coverage of the CAP Euro Awards and industry news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 15th, 2008
Here we go again! Subpoenas for online gambling websites in the US! Arrests of online gambling operators in Israel! And industry news from Bulgaria, Bodog, and President Bush!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - February 22nd, 2008
This week we feature our Audit of the Vegas Affiliates program, with the Mini Vegas Group and Vegas VIP Lounge. Also, our new social networking members area is open for business!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 7th, 2008
The iMega vs the Department of Justice verdict is in! What will it mean for UIGEA? Also Party Gaming's CEO is stepping down, ReferBack gets an audit, and industry news from the US and Canada.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 14th, 2008
Breaking industry news from the European Union and the United States. Plus, an iMega Case update and a warning about the Poker Dream Platform.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 21st, 2008
This week we look at the man behind Poker Dream, John Dutchak, and where the hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing funds have gone. Also, an update on the players accounts frozen with the Tusk Gaming collapse!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - March 28th, 2008
Industry news from Costa Rica, Antigua, and the United States. Plus, updates on the Tusk Gaming situation with Microgaming and their poker skins, and the wjat's going on with the Poker Dream network?

APCW Perspectives Weekly - April 11th, 2008
Poker Bots! Get your Poker Bots for sale! Plus a tribute to the FBI and a preview of upcoming legal battles in Washington State.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - April 18th, 2008
Information on the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative and their backing of new legislation from Barney Frank & Ron Paul, plus where US citizens can legally gamble online!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - April 25th, 2008
What does John McCain think about online gambling? Where is Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre off to? And how are France and Poland dealing with our industry? It's been an interesting week, so get caught up!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - May 2nd, 2008
Chuck E Cheese promoting illegal gambling? Jon Kyl concerned about the UIGEA? Industry news out of Texas and France? What kind of weird week has this been?!!!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - May 9th, 2008
Join the fight! We're taking the war to the streets, and it's a Battle in Seattle! Plus industry news!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - May 16th, 2008
The Washington State Gambling Ban heads to court! See the only first hand coverage on the web! Plus the Rally for the Poker Players Alliance and other industry news!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - May 23rd, 2008
This week we take to the rails and interview John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance. We also track down Martin Addams, the new Affiliate Director at Gambling Wages. Industry news from South Africa and the NBA.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - May 30th, 2008
We take a realistic look at gambling issues such as regulation, addiction, and child protection. Plus, online gambling news from Sweden and New Zealand.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - June 6th, 2008
Party Gaming cuts a deal with the Feds... Online Gambling arrests... The European Union talking tough again... plus other industry news.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - June 13th, 2008
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of online gambling! The Ultimate Bet scandal, a Congressman's son loses his mind, online casino owners are criminals, and we shave a dog.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - June 20th, 2008
Is online gambling responsible for the falling profits in Las Vegas? Plus, Representative Bob Goodlatte may have screwed himself, and industry news from Spain, France, and Antigua.

APCW Perspectives Weekly - June 27th, 2008
Stupid! Stupid! Oh, so stupid! As new legislation to end the online gambling ban fails in congress, we look at the next big "threat" to our industry: Alabama Representative Spencer Bachus... and boy, is he stupid!

APCW Perspectives Weekly - July 4th, 2008
We celebrate American Independence with industry news from Texas, Indiana, France, and the United Kingdom.

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