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No Deposit Casinos

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No deposit casinos

No deposit casinos are not as common as they used to be, although they are still a major lure to players. The reason for their decline is not quite clear, although it could have something to do with the increasing size of deposit bonuses. All the same, there are still many top quality no deposit casinos for new players to sign up at. The main distinguishing feature of the no deposit casino is the no deposit required bonus. But what is this bonus, and why can it help you? We’ll look at that, and more in this article on no deposit casinos.

What is a no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is the most important thing about no deposit casinos, and the very thing which defines them. But what is one? In short, a no deposit bonus is a welcome bonus promotion, which is offering to new players when they decide to sign up at a no deposit casino. The offer consists of either a spot of free cash (usually a small amount) to play games for free at the casino, or a considerably sizeable sum.

In the cash of the latter no deposit bonus, players will be able to play for a specific time period (often an hour), during which anything they win will be theirs to keep (up to a specified limit, and only if they wager the entirety of the bonus).

A final type of no deposit casino bonus is the free spins offer. With this deal, players are entitled to claim a specified number of free spins, and with those free spins, they can win potentially win real money. These free spin deals are often limited to the online slot game or games that the casino states in the bonus offer.

These bonuses allow players to “test-drive” no deposit casinos, to make sure that everything is to their liking, and to win real money, before they decide to spend their hard earned cash at them.

Can I win real money at no deposit casinos?

The main appeal of no deposit bonuses at such casinos is the ability to win real money. Many players don’t want to spend their own money, until they are guaranteed that there is something worth playing for at a casino. This is where a no deposit casino really stands out since they can offer that. You will often only win a small amount of free money with your no deposit bonus, although it will give you an indication of how well you could do if you choose to play at the no deposit casino as a regular, paying player. Aside from their no deposit bonus, no deposit casinos are virtually the same as other online casinos in every way.

Can I still claim a match deposit welcome bonus at no deposit casinos?

Most modern no deposit casino sites will also offer regular match deposit welcome bonuses as well. The basic idea is that you use your no deposit bonus to test drive the casino, and then if you decide to stay and play, you will get to claim a “proper” welcome bonus when you deposit. In this manner again, no deposit casinos are virtually no different than other online casinos, only that they offer you an additional bonus which is well worth claiming.

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