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Whilst it is true that most online casinos offer online poker games, these are fairly simplistic and standard titles. If you want a really valuable and professional online poker experience, then you are best off heading to an online poker room. There are many such sites available for you to play online. These poker rooms can be found across the world, so players in virtually any country should be able to access them, even if it is via an offshore poker room. The amount of games, types of games, table limits, and prizes vary from poker room to room, as so the promotions you can claim. We’ll try and cover as much of them as we can in this article for you, though.

Do I have be a poker veteran to play?

Absolutely not. Most people think that they need to be a skilled poker player, a professional poker veteran, or at least have a decent knowledge of poker to play online. This simply isn’t true. You can be a poker virgin, an untrained rookie if you will, and still get by. The reason for this is poker schools. Many of the internet’s top poker rooms offer comprehensive guides to online poker, and some are equipped with plenty of tools and tips, guides and FAQs to help you learn the basics. Some even go all out and offer you in-depth courses in poker. Most of the major online poker rooms also carry beginner’s tables, where experienced pros are not invited to play. These are ideal to assist you in picking up the basics, and maybe a buck or two along the way.

Poker bonuses

Online poker rooms come with bonuses and promotions just like any other gambling domain. The main appealing offer is the welcome bonus, which is offered to you when you make your first deposit. Unlike online casinos, many online poker rooms require you to unlock your bonus over time, by playing poker on their tables. Other poker promotions include free chips deals, access to special tables, exclusive VIP clubs, and poker competitions. We’ll discuss the latter in a bit more detail shortly.

Online poker games

The range of poker games you can play varies from site to site. If you choose to play online poker in an online casino, you may have a decent selection of titles, though these will be standard games. If you want to play real poker games, online poker rooms are your best shot. Games at these poker rooms include Texas Hold ‘em, Casino Hold ‘em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, and Stud games, amongst many more. In the online casino world, poker games are usually limited to some form of hold’em, as well as Caribbean Stud, Red Dog, Oasis, and Tequila poker.

Online poker competitions

Most of the finest online poker rooms will carry poker competitions and tournaments. In fact, some of the bigger domains even provide you with satellite competitions which can get you into the WSOP (World Series of Poker). These are normally aimed at professional poker players, though, so you’ll need to practice before you enter those. A host of other poker tournaments can be played in online poker rooms, though, including rookie competitions, Sit & Go’s and many more.

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