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VueTec Casinos

VueTec are one of the smallest casino software developers, and yet their name is known by many players across the online casino world. By and large, they are mostly famous for their live dealer casino games, which have made appearance at several well-known and respected online casino sites. VueTec have operations all over the world, and they are even involved in the land-based casino world, albeit under a different name.

VueTec and Distance Gaming

When we are talking about their online casino operations, VueTec is the name they go by. However, as mentioned, VueTec also offers their services to land-based casinos and gambling ventures across the globe. Their products in this format are known by a different name, as the company is then called Distance Gaming. This has created something of a problem for online casino players, but when explained simply as is the case above, this problem simply disappears. They are – in short – one and the same company.

Can I play at VueTec casinos?

Most players can. VueTec isn’t really fussy about where you reside, since most of the casinos running their software would be considered “offshore casinos” in the majority of major gambling countries anyway. Provided that your chosen online casino doesn’t have its own restrictions on who can play at their domain, every player should be able to access VueTec games. There aren’t that many VueTec casinos about, though.

Typical VueTec casino features

VueTec tries to make its games as realistic as possible, so as you can probably guess, live dealer casino games are generally found in all of their online casinos. VueTec casinos all run RNG (Random Number Generators) to ensure fair gaming rules are adhered to, and they are all protected with state of the art SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Aside from those few titbits, the casino running VueTec games go their own way with everything else, since they often employ other software providers to create games for their domains alongside VueTec.

VueTec casino games

VueTec’s live dealer casino games include live dealer roulette, live dealer poker, live dealer baccarat, and live dealer blackjack. They are also known for a single live dealer keno game, and they are the only online casino software provider to do so. Their games are all streamed live from a real casino floor, adding to the realism that VueTec aims to bring. They don’t really develop many other games, though, with live dealer titles being their speciality.

The best VueTec casino sites

VueTec casinos come in two forms. There are those casinos which merely offer VueTec software, without being powered by them, and there is a single casino which is entirely reliant on VueTec software. That VueTec casino is Global Live Casino. The casinos which merely host VueTec games include Celtic Casino, and Lucky Live Casino. Since VueTec doesn’t really develop many other games aside from their live dealer platform, players are often advised to play at the two latter casinos, since you do have other gaming options open to you at them.

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